Downtown Houston Fun

When visiting Houston you have to make sure you make it downtown.  There is so much to see and do in this area. From restaurants, bars, baseball, basketball, plays, theater and concerts just to name a few. There are even some pretty cool hotels to stay at. Including a recent hotel that has a lazy river in the shape of the state of Texas outline.

A lot of fortune 500 companies also call Houston downtown home.  And in doing so Houston has one of the best skylines in the U.S.  Just driving through and around downtown Houston you will see some amazingly tall buildings each with their own unique architecture.

Depending on the time of year you visit downtown Houston you might be able to catch a major league baseball game and watch the Houston Astros play in Minute Maid stadium.  If baseball isn’t your thing then perhaps you would like to watch a live NBA Houston Rockets game.  Both are a lot of fun and you can’t beat the action.  During times when the Houston Rockets aren’t playing in Toyota stadium you might find yourself lucky to see your favorite singer or group.  A lot of top liners book this venue to hold their concerts.

Discovery Green is a fair new attraction to downtown Houston.  It’s a great relaxing outdoor area to bring the family and relax.  On the weekend there are a variety of activities that normally go on. So you are sure to find something of interest for all age groups.

To get around downtown Houston you can take the Metro bus routes, rail or trolleys.  It’s best to use your phone to see all the routes so you can plan your destinations and take which ever is more convenient.

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