Kevlar Coating In Houston


Looking for that all over sprayed in bedliner look on your Jeep or vehicle?  You’ve come to the right place!

We offer Kevlar spray on coatings!  Mostly seen on Jeeps, an all over sprayed Kevlar coating is perfect to make your vehicle impervious to most elements regular paint jobs can’t withstand.

Beware!  There are companies that think you can spray Kevlar Coating like a bedliner, but that is entirely not true.  The whole process of spraying a Jeep or vehicle with Kevlar Coating is a totally different process.  

Hitch Pros is highly experienced and fully trained in the process of spraying a Kevlar Coating on your Jeep or vehicle.  If you decide to go else where, we strongly suggest you validate any company before you hand them your money.  You need to know without a doubt that the company knows what they are doing and has the experience necessary to produce the finish you desire. 

Kevlar Coating Benefits


Here are top reasons you should consider getting your Jeep or vehicle Kevlar coated

  1. Increased resale value of your Jeep or vehicle
  2. Rust protection
  3. Scratch and Dent resistant
  4. Provides noise dampening
  5. Available in a wide range of colors
  6. UV Stability
  7. Color does not fade
  8. Reduces exterior vehicle maintenance
  9. Never needs waxing

If you like adventures of the off road you should consider going with a Kevlar coating.  This super tough finish is rated at a tensile strength of 4700.  It’s also resistant to scratching and protects against common dents that may happen during Jeep ownership.

Kevlar coating can be applied in various colors to match your current paint color or provide an enhancement to your Jeep or vehicle.  And the best thing about Kevlar coatings is you will never suffer from fading or peeling unlike typical factory paint jobs.

Kevlar Coating Preparation


We are specialist when it comes to spray in bedliners so it only made sense to carry that over to Kevlar Coatings.  So we made the investment to get our spray technicians training in the process A to Z!

Just like spray in bedliners, to achieve the best results you have to put the time in preparation.  It’s not uncommon for our technicians to spend over 40 hours in preparation for spraying Kevlar coatings.  A lot of details go into making sure everything aspect of the process will yield a top finish.  And you can know that your Kevlar Coating will last for years.

Kevlar Coating Jeep Houston

This is one of many Jeeps sprayed in all over Kevlar coating. We are one of the limited shops in Houston that offer all over sprayed Kevlar coating in Houston, Texas.

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