Spray In Bedliner

Hitch Pros knows you have a choice when it comes to picking a spray in or spray on truck bed liner.  Several companies around Houston claim they have the best or theirs will out last others.  

​But the truth is NOT everyone uses the same process and material.  

Here is why you should pick Hitch Pros for your spray in bedliner

  • Technicians – All of our spray technicians undergo our strict in-house certification program to insure every job holds up to our quality control standards.
  • Prep Technique – We follow the proper manufacturer directed preparation process.  This allows the material to bond to the bed and not peel after years of use.
  • High pressure spray –  We apply the liner material using a high pressure spray technique that yields even thickness and produces the most durable results.
  • Warranty – We offer a limited lifetime warranty! That’s right, we stand behind our work and know you’ll get many years of normal use from our bed liner. 
  • Time – You can be out the door in under two hours. We take liners serious at Hitch Pros and have the whole process down, allowing us to get you in and out without sacrificing workmanship.
  • Price – Give us a call to find out how much a spray in bedliner will cost you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quote, given all the value we offer.  You’ll quickly see why so many people choose us!

Our Spray In Bedliner Process

At Hitch Pros we follow the same process and use the same product that General Motors uses for their Chevrolet and GMC factory bed liners.

In order to insure a proper bond, we heat our material to 160 degrees.  This provides the optimal chemical reaction needed for durability and UV resistance.  This also gives your bed liner the same new, clean, factory look that will last for many years.

Going with a High pressure bed liner is the superior option when it comes protecting your investment!

If you don’t want to stop with just your truck bed, we also offer Kevlar coating for full vehicle exteriors.  Which is becoming very popular with Jeep owners.

Completed Spray In Bedliner

Spray In Bedliner

Close Up Spray In Bedliner

Close Up - Spray In Bedliner

Watch As Hitch Pros Spray Tech Sprays Our Spray On Bedliner

Benefits of a spray in bedliner for trucks

Hauling your items on a pickup truck without a bedliner can best be compared to wearing shoes without a sock or carrying your smartphone around without a screen protector or casing.

Before bedliners, people could fit a sheet of plywood on their pickup trucks for protection. While this helped allay the effects of scratches and dents, what was achieved with that pales a great deal in comparison to what can be achieved with a bedliner.

This comes at a time when pickup trucks are beginning to become even more popular. As per the 2013 stats, one out of every eight cars bought happens to be a pickup truck. Even better, 2015 saw to it that the sales of these pickup trucks shoot up by at least 8% and the number has been going up ever since.

It’s because of this aggressive growth in popularity and value of pickup trucks that truck owners are finding it necessary to invest in bedliners.

For those NOT farmilar with the term, bedliners are the protective coatings truck owners place on the inner sides of their truck beds to protect them from scratches and dents. That’s in addition to offering a skid resistant protective coating that works towards preventing hauled items from shifting while being transported.

Your Bedliner Options

Bedliners are availed in various forms, including as an outdoor carpet or rubber mat material if bought from aftermarket manufacturers.

But if you’re buying it directly from the manufacturer, then your options are limited to two—that is, spray in bedliner or drop in bedliner.

These two are the most common ones from the bunch as they have proven to be the most effective when it comes to protecting your truck bed.

Asked to choose between the two, most truck drivers will be quick to recommend the spray in liner, which is thought to do an even better job when it comes to protecting your truck bed.

Benefits of Using a Spray in Bedliner on your Truck

Long lasting

Spray in bedliners are more hard-wearing compared to the other types of bedliners. Take drop-in liners for instance. They are regarded as less rugged.  But they have a tendency of trapping water in between the steel and plastic, and may as such trigger rusting.

They are also very easy to break as they tend to become loose with time. You could even hold them by the edge and pull pull it off.  Worse is that once broken off they’re almost impossible to repair.

Spray in bedliners, on the other hand, seems to address most of the problems people report while using the other types of bedliners. For starters, spray in bedliners have been found to be much more long-lasting compared to the other types of bedliners. They are also somewhat rugged, which prevents hauled items from shifting around on the bed.

Their nature also makes them hard to break or snag out as the polyurethane elastomer used has been found to strongly adhere to the truck bed. Also, it’s almost impossible for water or dirt to penetrate through. Meaning your bed will be immune to rust if you settle for this option.

The market is awash with different types of spray in bedliners that you can purchase. The options you have may vary in terms of quality, but one common thing is that they all use a gritty substance that’s somehow similar to sand paper in terms of texture, and whose nature helps to hold your items in position while transporting to prevent them from sliding around.

From a cosmetic point of view, the spray in bedliner also boasts of adding an aesthetic appeal to your truck’s external appearance compared to its somewhat old and haggard counterparts.

Custom Fit Spray In Bedliner

A spray in bedliner has been designed to offer a custom fit to your truck bed. Unlike other bedliners
which require you to go for a specific size, spray in bedliners are easy to customize so they can snugly fit into your truck’s bed.

Truck beds tend to range from five to about eight feet tall.  This means finding an appropriate bedliner for your truck, more so if you’re dealing with one of these newer models, can prove to be more of a challenge if you’re dealing with the other types of liners. But with a spray in bedliner, all you have to do is find your local dealer and have them customize the liner for your truck, and that’s pretty much like it.

Spray In Bedliners Offer Low Maintenance

Not all bedliners are easy to maintain. This is because of most of them are affected by rain water or heat, and may as such require that you repair them from time to time.

But with spray in bedliners, no additional maintenance is required once the liner is applied. NOT when its quality is long lasting and will therefore NOT be wearing on you any time soon.

Though slightly expensive compared to a drop in liner, the spray in bedliner it’s by every measure the cheapest option if you look at the repairing amount you’ll be saving over the long haul.

Less repair and maintenance also means you’ll be saving much of your time and resources should you decide to settle for this option.

Spray In Bedliners Offer More Space

Imagine having a plywood sheet or rubber or carpet liner in place of a spray in bedliner.

Now think of the amount of space you can save should you decide to settle for this non-bulky option. Think in terms of just spraying a thin layer of cover on your truck bed. There isn’t a better way to maximize the space you have at the back of your truck than to settle for this option.

Spray In Bedliners Offer Aesthetic Appeal

Drop in liners only come with one color option—black.

But with spray in bedliners, you have all the color options in the world to choose from. You can even play around with the colors to come up with something completely unique for your truck. Or better, have it tinted if you have a preference for it.

In summary, your styling options are only limited by how far you’re willing to let your imagination fly, something that can NEVER be achieved with any other type of bedliner.

No Shifting Of Cargo With Spray In Bedliners

It bears repeating that the spray in bedliner option comes as working solution to the shifting problem you’ve been experiencing with the other types of liners.

This is so as the liner is sprayed directly on the bed, more like paint, save for the fact that this one is much thicker and more rugged to keep your luggage in position.

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