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There are lots of great truck and van tool boxes on the market, and it’s hard to recommend just one company here. That being said, picking up a quality set of tool boxes for your commercial vehicle is a must. They increase productivity, add an element of ease and organization to your work and can greatly reduce the chance of worker injury.

All of the companies mentioned below offer weather-resistant and UV-proof boxes that are built to last. Here is what we recommend for the best tool boxes for your new commercial truck or van.

Manufacturers: Weatherguard, RKI-US, Deezee, RDS Aluminum, Titan Fuel Tanks

Models: This will depend on your specific needs and your specific bed-size. I recommend calling us so we can help you get correct measurements and work directly with us for recommendations.

Important features: When buying a new tool box for your truck or van, make sure that the boxes come protected from the elements, lock securely, have portable elements for when needed and come with a solid warranty.

We carry tool boxes from Weatherguard, RKI-US, Deezee, RDS Aluminum, and Titan Fuel Tanks which in our opinion offer the best product choices for your truck.

We Carry Products From All The Top Brands In The Industry!

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