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Transfer fuel tanks are used to transfer diesel fuel, aviation fuel or normal gasoline from your primary place of business to your jobs in the field. In other words, you’ll be carrying the fuel in the bed of your truck or van and then transferring it to another vehicle. In a way, it’s kind of like having a portable gas station that goes wherever you go!

In addition to standard transfer tanks, you could also look into combo transfer tanks that will give you an extra degree of flexibility for what kind of fuel you’re carrying with you. Some even feature dual-construction (aluminum and steel), which we like. Regardless of whether you opt to go with a transfer tank or a combo tank, your needs will be well-served to get the job done right.

Models: You’ll want to be sure to make sure you get a tank that’s properly measured and fitted for your particular vehicle. We at Hitch Pros can help you to get the right measurements and the correct tank size for your truck or van installation.

Important features: First and foremost, aluminum tanks do not rust. If rust gets mixed into your fuel, your engine is likely going to run lean, in addition to possibly clogging up the fuel filters. That could cause a real headache down the road. For this reason, we recommend that you go with aluminum when possible. It’s also one of the most lightweight options on the market, which nicely off-sets the weight of a full fuel tank. 

We carry transfer tanks from RDS Aluminum and Titan Fuel Tanks which in our opinion offer the best product choices for your truck or van.

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