Headache Racks


Headache racks, despite the name, are designed to save you a number of potentially serious headaches. The primary function of a properly installed headache rack is to ensure the safety of the passengers in the cab from the heavy equipment present in the cargo area. All it takes is a minor accident, in conjunction with a poorly implemented cargo area, to injure yourself and your staff.

Headache Racks – In an ideal setup, you would have your cargo area organized and secured enough that you wouldn’t need the extra protection of a headache rack, but even in the best of situations, accidents do happen. Additionally, it goes without saying that if you and your passengers are getting injured, your truck or van is getting damaged in the process. That’s something we all want to avoid.

An extra, added benefit of a headache rack is protection from the sun. If you own your own commercial truck or van, chances are, you spend a lot of time working outdoors. Getting that extra little bit of protection for when you’re driving from one job to the next is always welcome. 

We carry headache racks from DeeZee and RKI-US which in our opinion offer the best product choices for your truck.

Truck Headache Racks

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