Spray In Bedliner Reviews

By now I’m sure you’ve read quite a few reviews on truck bedliners.  And you’ve probably run across name brands likes

  • Toff Custom Liners
  • Linex bedliners
  • Rhino truck liners
  • Bullet liners

We’ll I’m hear to tell you it doesn’t matter which brand you go with, what matters is price, warranty, and the process in which the bedliner is sprayed.

Let’s talk about price first.  Most people looking for a bedliner have a cost in mind.  They want to stay under say $300 or $400 dollars.  And that is a pretty good starting point.  But did you know all of the three brands mentioned have been around for a while.  And most of them use a similar formula for the liner composite.  So when you consider price, do you really want to overpay when essentially you are getting the same product?  At Hitch Pros we actually use Bullet because it’s one of the latest formulations to hit the spray in bedliner market. What does that mean for you? Well that you are getting one of the best spray liners money can buy!

Now let’s talk about warranty.  At Hitch Pros we offer a limited lifetime warranty.  So under normal wear if your liner ever has an issue, we will fix it free of charge.  Now that doesn’t hold up if you intentionally gouge liner material by dragging some with say sharp edges across the bed of your truck.  Any brand of liner is not 100% immune to such abuse.  But if your properly load stuff in and out of your truck bed and there is ever a problem with the spray in bedliner, give us a call and we will get your scheduled to correct it.

Lastly, when choosing a spray in bedliner you need to be 100% sure the company spraying the liner follows a strict preparation process and also understands the method it needs to be sprayed.  Otherwise you will end up with a bedliner that peels, is uneven in thickness and it not durable.  Again, over at Hitch Pros we follow a in house certified method so all our customers end up with the best bedliner available on the market today!

Sure you could go on reading more spray in bedliner reviews, but your time will be better spent by giving us a call to get on our schedule.  So pick up the phone and call us or use the form on the right.  We are looking forward to having you as our next satisfied customer!

Spray In Bedliner Reviews

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